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California’s Central Valley Provides Backdrop For Our Son’s Wedding

Did I tell you that our only son is getting married in about 3 weeks?  Since, both our family and the brides’ family are in California, we are traveling back to California’s Central Valley for the ceremony, to be held in my sister’s garden. She has about 2 acres in the country, and the bride and groom had their hearts set on an elegant, country garden wedding, so my sister has generously agreed to have it in her garden. The wedding guests will be mostly family. My sister and her husband are frequently the gracious hosts for any number of family functions, but this is going to be more than double the usual number of in-laws and out-laws. So, we send many thanks, in advance, to my sister and her husband. The bride is already in California.

I am heading to my sisters’ this week and my husband and our son, the groom, will follow a few days before the wedding. There is a bridal shower this Saturday and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  It is to be an English High Tea themed event, with all the traditional elements.  Most of us will wear large brimmed summer hats, and we will enjoy all variety of English finger-foods, as well as Custard Trifle, along with the mandatory English tea, both hot and cold.

My sister and her hubby have been planting and preparing their land to be photo-shoot-ready, since they bought it in run-down condition, several years ago. All this because they love to entertain.  Now, WE get to reap the benefit of all their hard work. They have a gazebo with hanging pots full of overflowing flowers, and arbors with vines of roses growing over them. She has been collecting garden structures and whimsical amenities for years that now call her garden home.

Fortunately, my sister has been grooming the garden for the last year, specifically to make sure her abundant collection of both heritage and long stemmed rose gardens will be in full bloom just at the right time to coincide with the wedding.  She has also planted Daffodils, Daisies and Iris’s along with a variety of other flowers great for bouquets. She has cultivated the perfect cutting garden. We are going to be able to harvest the needed fresh cut flowers, for the table bouquets, from her amazing garden.

The entire property is surrounded by tall trees, with lots of lovely flowering bushes growing under these trees.  As you drive up to the front of the property, it looks like a fruit tree ranch, with a variety of peach, apricot, nectarine and plum trees in staggered pattern, running the width of the property, giving us lots of privacy from the street. Not that there will be any people watching from the street, as the gentleman who owns the property across the street is a horse trainer. He boards and trains horses for marching in parades. Since we don’t actually know the name of the style he uses to train these horses, we call it the “Spanish style”.

When performing in parades, the horses appear to prance down the street with costumed riders precariously perched on each horse, bouncing down the street in rhythm with their horses.  On rare occasions, we have been delighted to see this neighbor bring his horses out onto the paved country road in front of my sisters’ house while training, and the horses seem to “dance” down the street.

I don’t really expect that our guests will be treated to this performance on wedding day, but one can hope, right?   Truth be told, I’m sure the wedding and reception will be enough to keep us all happy. We’ll take lots of pictures of our special day, and I’ll post some of the pictures once we have them.

As nice as California is, we’ll be eager to return to our place in the high mountains of Arizona, with our “little” 5th wheel. You know what we always say… “There’s no place like home!!”

Happy adventures in your RV…
Steve and Trisha, lovin’ the RV life

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