Show Low Chamber of Commerce Rich In History

Today, we went to town and dropped off my car at the tire shop so that they could tell us if the tires are “road worthy” enough for a trip to California from here. They said they’d be able to tell us within a 2 hour window, so we had some time on our hands.

We decided to drop into the local Chamber of Commerce and see what’s up there. We were greeted by two very helpful and professional people, the owner and the assistant. I saw that they had a large map of the state of Arizona on the wall, so I was discussing a probable route to my California destination. The assistant gave me some great advice about avoiding Las Vegas and the accompanying traffic. Then the owner recommended the route that he often takes to that part of California, as he has family in the same part of Northern California as we do.

They answered our questions about joining The Chamber and explained that if we join the Chamber of Commerce, the fee includes a quarter page advertisement in the local news paper, including a picture of us, and a ribbon cutting ceremony including all the other members. We liked the sound of that. They also explained that the location of The Chamber doubles as the location for this communities’ Visitors’ Center, which increases our exposure to all the newcomers in town.

Eventually, he told us that this area is home to many eco-friendly power sources such as Geo-Thermal power as well as a huge Windmill Farm with enormous windmills, in the nearby town of Hollbrook. The windmill blades look like they would be from a giant ships’ propeller. He also shared stories of other alternative sources of energy that this part of Arizona is pioneering, such as natural gas being stored in giant underground salt caverns somewhere on the other side of the White Mountains.

Then we asked him if this area has a history of an ancient dormant volcano, as we have seen an abundance of lava rock everywhere in this mountain top valley. We asked him about these giant mounds dotting the landscape, of what appear to be black and red lava rock. He told us that these are most likely ancient volcanic gas vents. They look like giant ant hills. We had been wondering what could explain these six to ten story mounds of dark rock scattered around the area. It appears that they are now sights of excavation.

He confirmed that this area does have an industry of agricultural lava rocks that are used for landscape as well as for road construction. There is history of volcanic activity, though now dormant.  It also explains the Geo-Thermal resource of energy.

This area is fascinating, and keeps revealing interesting details about itself. We love a mystery, especially when it is solved.

P.S. Good news, the tires are in great shape, ready for a road trip. Can’t wait to get on the road, even though “There’s no place like home!!”

We hope you’re having happy adventures in your RV…
Steve and Trisha, lovin’ the RV life

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