Mike Pettinger of Oakdale, CA.
(Class A 40 ft. American Eagle)
“I was very happy with Steve’s service, and he fixed all the problems I was having with my RV’s holding tanks.”

James Hasley of Delhi, CA.
(Fifth Wheel 29 ft. Cougar)
“I was amazed at what I saw while Steve was flushing my tanks.”

Del Hutchison of Hughson, CA.
(Fifth Wheel 29 ft.)
“Steve came to my house and cleaned my RV holding tanks, using my own cleanout. I was so happy with the work he did that I even called my Pastor and had him bring his Fifth Wheel over for Steve to service his holding tanks. I would gladly recommend Steve’s services to solve any holding tank problems.”

Jim Holiday, Owner of J & H RV Repair
“Steve has cleaned out many RV holding tanks at my place of business. He does what he claims to ‘do-do’. I would¬† recommend Steve to clean any and all RV tanks.”

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